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Materials Handlers

With the increase in activity in the waste, demolition and recycling sectors we have sourced a comprehensive range of SG Revolution Super Cushion solid tyres to suit all sizes of machine and all types of application.

For telescopic handlers that are undertaking a variety of materials handling tasks in tough environments, there is no better tyre to increase productivity and keep your operating costs down.

SG tyres will consistently deliver full life expectancy achieving some 2 to 3 times the life over major brand radials. Combined with the smooth ride achieved by the unique shock absorbing capabilities of the tyres and you can protect your initial investment in your machine.

Materials Handlers images

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  • Merlo P55-9 telehandler
  • Senebogen 305,on 1200-20 C1
  • MLT 523 ON 1000X20 smooth

Materials Handling Tyres

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Materials Handlers

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  • SG S2C2 DWL
    SG S2C2 DWL
  • SG SE Pattern
    SG SE Pattern
  • SG C1
    SG C1
  • SG C2
    SG C2
  • SG C3
    SG C3
  • SG SC2 1 Row apertures
    SG SC2 1 Row apertures
  • SG S2C2 2 Row apertures
    SG S2C2 2 Row apertures
  • SG S2C8X
    SG S2C8X
  • SG Smooth pattern
    SG Smooth pattern
  • SG SA for skid steer
    SG SA for skid steer
  • SG SE for skid steer
    SG SE for skid steer
  • SG SER for skid steer
    SG SER for skid steer
  • HT Pattern
    HT Pattern
  • OTR King
    OTR King