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ITWS has become a well-established supplier of new and refurbished wheels for the widest range of plant and machinery. We keep large stocks of standard sizes, whilst we can source and supply wheels for bespoke vehicle sizes within excellent time frames.

Our complete wheel assemblies are put together using hand selected, high quality individual components from trusted suppliers. Bare rims are manufactured in Turkey and brought in to the UK for painting and highly durable powder coat finishing, whilst our wheel centres are manufactured locally in Warrington. This specialist supplier assembles the rims and centres ready for high quality finishing to automotive standards. The end result is a high quality wheel ready for the arduous working environments of the OTR market.

Our used rims are kept in stock on behalf of a number of companies so that we are always ready to react quickly to their request for a Service Exchange. After each tyre swap we send out all our service exchange rims for refurbishing by specialist companies before bringing them back in-house for pressing. This enables us to offer unbeatable delivery times to our customers who are keen to minimise downtime.

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  • ITWS Wheels
  • ITWS Wheels
  • ITWS Wheels

New & used rims stocks. Download our spreadsheet here

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  • SG S2C2 DWL
    SG S2C2 DWL
  • SG SE Pattern
    SG SE Pattern
  • SG C1
    SG C1
  • SG C2
    SG C2
  • SG C3
    SG C3
  • SG SC2 1 Row apertures
    SG SC2 1 Row apertures
  • SG S2C2 2 Row apertures
    SG S2C2 2 Row apertures
  • SG S2C8X
    SG S2C8X
  • SG Smooth pattern
    SG Smooth pattern
  • SG SA for skid steer
    SG SA for skid steer
  • SG SE for skid steer
    SG SE for skid steer
  • SG SER for skid steer
    SG SER for skid steer
  • HT Pattern
    HT Pattern
  • OTR King
    OTR King